US & Canada Tour - November 2019!

May 10 2019

Hello Dear Followers of my blog. I will be touring across the US and Canada in November. Looking forward to seeing you there! 01 November 2019 - Las Vegas, NV - Encore Theater at Wynn - BUY TICKETS 02 November 2019 - Las Vegas, NV - Encore Theater at Wynn - BUY TICKETS 04 November 2019 (WHY THERE

A Special Evening with John Cleese - 8th July 2018

Jun 29 2018

Hello internet! On behalf of Hacked Off, I will be delivering a speech at the Royal Geographical Society in London on Sunday 8th July followed by a Q&A session. Want to join me? Tickets are available here

Spring/ Summer 2018 European Tour

Dec 20 2017

Hello! Hallo! Hei! Góðan dag!Vær hilset!KHOO duh midakh!I bring excellent news for my European friends! You have one very, very last chance to see me before I exit this world via my Spring/Summer European Tour in 2018. I could well be visiting a city near year in May and June, but

The Class Sketch - Chortle Errors

Nov 8 2017

Hello Everyone As some of you might be aware, I recently starred in a new version of \'The Class Sketch\' for Hacked Off, over 50 years since the original with the Two Ronnies back during my Frost Report days. The updated version can be seen below. The website Chortle have since produced

Fall 2017 - Monty Python & The Holy Grail Q&A Dates and Locations

Aug 10 2017

Hello my American friends. I will be spending some of the fall this year zooming around in a tiny car to spend the evening with you answering your questions after The Holy Grail is screened at the following locations: 19th September 2017 - Easton, PA - Stage Theatre BUY TICKETS20th September 2017 -

John Cleese Presents - Reviews before they've been written

May 9 2017

John Cleese Presents will be airing on BBC Radio 4 at 9:30am tomorrow morning (Wednesday 10th May 2017), and I couldn\'t be happier about it. As I\'m in a particularly silly mood, I thought I would give my predictions on what, if anything, the British press has to say about the show, which (as the

The John Cleese Youtube Channel Opens!

Jul 25 2016

Cleese Website viewers rejoice, for the Official John Cleese Youtube Channel has finally opened! If you weren\'t spending too much time already browsing the website of the world\'s most-loved, highly celebrated comedian, you can now view hours of the latest fresh Cleese content on Youtube .

***Updated John Cleese & Eric Idle North American Tour 2016

Jun 23 2016

Dear Internet users, messrs Idle & Cleese will be taking a temporary break from their imminent deaths to visit the following Canadian and American cities with their ridiculous stage performance. ***Update*** Due to the completely overwhelming demand for tickets for these shows (Cleese &

John Cleese European Spring Tour!

Mar 31 2016

I will be graciously promenading through Sweden, Denmark, Holland, Brussels & Luxembourg this Spring. Come and see me at one of the following shows:4 April 2016 - Malmo - Slagthuset - BUY HERE5 April 2016 - Malmo - Slagthuset -BUY HERE6 April 2016 - Malmo - Slagthuset -BUY HERE9 April 2016 -

John Cleese & Eric Idle Australia & New Zealand Tickets!

Dec 16 2015

Good citizens of Austrlia & New Zealand, myself and a certain Eric Idle will be traversing your respective countries early in 2016. Please see below for tickets: 25 February 2016 - Gold Coast - Jupiters Theatre - BUY HERE 27 February 2016 - Brisbane - Convention Centre - BUY HERE 01

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